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California Bay Laurel  (Myrtle)

California Bay Laurel is truly like no other wood on earth.  A daring and exotic wood,  it creates a very sophisticated and dynamic atmosphere in a room.  Prized for its unique figure, Laurel marbles together a wide palette of cool steely grays, slate blues & cocoa tones with lighter creams.  Smooth grain gets lost in the rich blend of color,  figure and natural character features.

Appearance Grades

 CHARACTER & BETTER  is our overall most unique grade created for our most varied and unique woods.  Basically a blend of our standard Select and Character Grades which allow for long clear lengths as well as the visual interest of the structurally sound natural features of the wood, including knots, tight burls & small fillable holes which will not effect the integrity of the flooring.


Janka rating 1270 as hard as Red Oak, suitable for commercial & residential applications

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West Coast Native (ask about LEED & FSC credits)  Best color and quality comes from the Umpqua region of Southern Oregon down to just outside the Rogue River Valley.

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