Milling Quality

Quality at every stage - from sawing logs to moulding floors

It's true,  the better the ingredients the better the cake.  Same with what we do-  we start with the finest, most unique wood available within the West Coast.

European Style

Cutting logs in the late summer or fall when the tree's sap is low in the roots is the traditional European method for harvesting logs with minimal moisture content.  Each type of wood gets milled differently depending upon the type of qualities that one is trying to expose,  certain angles of cut expose a different "style" of grain on the face of the board.  Each wood has a different nad very rich "personality" expressed through its unique color and grain and our goal is to bring that personality out in the floors we produce.

Drying Lumber Gently

Each fresh-sawn board is brushed off and stacked carefully to air dry for several months, allowing nature to slowly draw off the moisture that all trees have within them to grow.    Our kilns utilize the latest technology to draw off the last remaining residual moisture at temperatures dictated by the USDA Forest Service Laboratories to finish the drying and curing process for industrial grade lumber.

Shaping Details

After careful sorting of our woods we begin the process of shaping or "moulding" the floor to its final tongue and groove pattern.  And even that is a custom, well though out shape that is designed to provide the maximum sandable wear layer to your floor-  adding decades of longevity to your home's floor beyond what others who use standard flooring patterns provide.


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