Flooring Specification Sheets

Falling in love on-line may be the first step, but at some point you'll want to order one of our samples to get an up close and personal sense of the wood's color, grain and finish.  We spend a LOT of time making samples that accurately represent each wood.  Combined with our install photos, we make it easy for you to have a very good idea of the look and feel of your wood before you order.

Flooring samples are 5$ each + shipping

Butcher Block samples are 15$ each + shipping

Furniture samples are 25$ each + shipping

Sample cost is applied to your order, or reimbursed when you return them in our self addressed stamped mailing envelopes.

Certified Architects, Designers & Builders may request samples at no cost,  shipping must be applied to your firm's FedEx or UPS  acct.

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