Extra Long Length Flooring

Another reason why our flooring is different than the rest....

Most factory mills produce their flooring as just another commodity to be shipped around the country or the world.   Like making sausage,  flooring is usually what a big industrial mill makes after they've sorted out the furniture quality lumber and sold it for lots more money.  They take the leftovers,  chop all of the knots out.  And then any long boards need to be chopped into pieces 7' or shorter so that the whole lot fits neatly into shipping containers and stacks well in the warehouse.

Not us.

Furniture Quality Lumber- not leftover wood scraps

At Green Mountain, we like our floors to have more depth and figure than what you'd expect from East Coast or Chinese flooring mills.  And we leave long boards long.  Yes,  it takes more time to pack up the flooring so it ships safely.  And yes, it takes a bit more time and skill to load the truck long ways.

But really-  its not that difficult,  it just takes someone who cares and takes the time to pay attention to the details.

And that means you avoid that short, choppy, brick like look of factory floors.  A Green Mountain floor flows across your big spaces and from room to room,  extra long boards showing all the interesting grain and richness of character of that particular species an grade.  Its not that hard- but it does make all the difference in the long run.


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Furniture quality lumber sorted for long lengh wide plank

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