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Edelman Seattle PR Firm lobby reception desk :: Gensler Architects

Seamless seams

It's a lot more work to make it look simple

Sometimes we have to be more than just craft oriented fabricators of exquisite wood surfaces. Though we were working directly with the architects during the concept state, sometimes the details that become apparent on site to the managing contractor don't quite match the original design intent. We knew the idea was one long seamless surface- originally Douglas Fir but later changed to White Oak. But the freight elevator would never enable a 25' + surface up to the 9th floor where this piece was to be the first impression to clients of the largest PR firm in the world. Clearly this desk top would need to be made into 3 separate pieces, but nowhere in the spec did the designer address how that was to be achieved. And working with Green Mountain- they didn't have to. The contractor was right to order 3 pieces which would be splined and draw-bolted together to create the long, curved shape on the plans. But we knew that no matter how consistent the wood- even subtle color and grain variation and plank alignment would make the designer cringe once installed. Three separate surfaces the proper dimensions would meet the orders "specifications", but not the client's intent and certainly not our standards. It did take a lot longer to match planks for color and grain. It took longer to hand cut Japanese style 15 degree scarf splices to lay up 25 foot long planks out of 10' lumber. It took longer to sequence each strip through the production process and keep it all in line and in unison until the final shaping. It took a lot longer to make this piece look "simple". And honestly, if we did our job right- no one would even know that we did our job right. Craftsmanship defined. #details matter



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